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Can I use openfire for video conference?

Hi all,

I am sorry for the stupid question becasue i am newbie with openfire. I am going to find a lan instant message for my company with some conditions as below:

  • Chat from 1 people to 1 other people

  • Chat group

  • send file via chat box (like skype)

  • video conference for meeting

Anybody who have experience with openfire please help me confirm the feature above have or have not? Exspecially with video conference feature


I have a Server2012 R2 setup for exactly this.

  1. 1to1 chat works great using Jitsi Download | Jitsi

  2. Group chat not a problem with same application

  3. Send files easily to one or many

  4. Video conference easily also with same application

  5. Easily share and control screens.

I also use the Ofmeet Plugin that allows zero configuration video meetings in a web browser ( Chrome or Opera ) along with screen sharing. Once you get the hang of OpenFire you can look like a hero to your company! I freelance and have found that more of my clients are wanting to have a private Skype replacement so I keep a pre-built box on hand. For those I use Windows 7 with 24 gb ram and a core i5 which seems to do the trick pretty nicely.

Hi Weldy,

Thank you very much for your direction.

About the video conference. I means conference metting in a group of members. What plugin should i use to install in openfire? Could you please show me the name of the plugin.

And how about video call between 1 people to 1 people? Does openfire have this feature?

I am a newbie in IT field and this company is my first job. I actually do not want to loose this job although my boss is very strick.

So brothers do you have any experience or any documents about openfire that you write it by yourself? Please help me for quick installation.

Thank you very much

Hi, yes you can do groups with OpenFire either by creating “persistent rooms” or by choosing contacts and adding them.

Remember that OpenFire is just the server that handles groups, users and rooms plus the serious behind the scenes stuff.

The easiest way is to install OF, log in and create your group of users. Don’t worry right away about the rooms, etc. Then look for a client application that will do what you require, I do video conferencing so I use the Jitsi client in-house and I use OpenFire Meetings or OfMeet for external meetings with clients.

OfMeet allows me to conference with clients without them having to install a plugin or client, plus it allows me to share my screen with participant’s.

If you go to the plugins tab you will find the plugins required with a good description to them.

If you’re using a windows server make sure “Advanced Firewall” rules are modified and make sure your WAN gateway is a good one that can handle NAT for UDP and TCP traffic if you need outside clients to connect.

Also it’s good to look around on the forums, there’s a lot of good Q&A AND very good people.

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Hi Weldy
This is Shankar a newbie here. You say Open fire with Jitsi can be used without any plugin for video conference. what default ports needs to be open in server end for this conference. kindly revert. would be nice if you can send us steps after we have group and users added in openfire

I might be wrong, but i think Jitsi desktop client does audio video directly peer to peer without server involvement.