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Can i use Spark 2.8.2 with Openfire 4.0.3?

Thats all about the question that i do in the Title…

Plus i dont have an Active Directory either a DNS for the comunication for the service… I read the “Login issues since Spark 2.8.0…” But i dont know how to make it work the use of spark…

I have the error: “Certificate Hostname verification failed”

I hope a soon answer

Yes, it works with 4.0.3. You can go to Advanced menu on the Login screen and check “Disable certificate hostname verification”.

Id doesn’t work uncheking that option. we are login to an IP adress server from each terminal… I follow your steps but i can’t log in… and our domain account are myadress@localhost

You need to check it, not to uncheck it. And also make sure to **check **Accept All Certificates option.

Sorry i missunderstood and put the unchecked insted of checked now i upload a imagen showing my setup…

You have to check both Accept all certificates and Disable certificate hostname verification (not recommended)