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Can i use Spark on my cellphone?

My trad is about that exactly…

We configure Spark with the last .exe and with openfire 4.1 but i want to know if i can use spark in my phone because sometime some workers in my company need to speak with me or my junior in charge and we cant give our numbers to anyone…

Can i do this or i need to use a third party app???


There is no mobile Spark version. You can use one of the available mobile clients: XMPP | XMPP Clients

We have only Android OS cellphones did you know wich is the best choice in those list that i see??

I mean between:










I ask because i never used some sort of thing but if you can give me a recomendation i will be glad to hear!

Thanks for the fast reply!

I think AstraChat is just a rebranded copy of Conversations.

I have only tried Xabber, Yaxim and Conversations.

I think i liked Xabber interface the most. But it has problems with the latest Openfire versions and it do not update that often recently (and it is made by a Russian company, if it matters to you). Yaxim is minimalistic, but hasn’t seen updates for years also.

I’m using Conversations now. It’s not ideal, but it works and it is constantly updating. It is not freeware in Google Play store. But you can find “free” versions elsewhere or build it yourself.

Thanks for the advices and for the reply of my issue i will try some of the Apps that you say it to me.

Issue Resolved!