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Can multiple spark 2.5.8 instances be run?

Can multiple spark 2.5.8 instances be run as I would like to be able to test a local openfire 3.6.3/spark 2.5.8 install as well as check client options against a seperate remote install. I have tried Vista Business and XP Pro SP 3 bothe sytems using administrator priviledge accounts.


You can run second instance of Spark only with Run as… option and specifying other user credentials.

So there is no way to run it standard? Even a configurable option would be great as it would be easier to maintain instead of creating additional user accounts just to run multiple instances.


I think this is not possible because second instance would have to use the same profile folder as it links to a Windows user profile to store settings. I dont know about any other option.

I found an easy way. Don’t know if there are any ramifications though.

In the install directory, edit spark.ini (why didn’t I look sooner) and change

Single Instance=yes


Single Instance=no

Simple really.

Interesting. Maybe this should be added to the Preferences menu of Spark, though i cant find spark.ini in my 2.6.0 Beta 2 installation folder.

If its not in the app directory, then there it would be interesting to do a search and see if does exist at all. It may now be located somewhere in the user profile for better user control.

Xp / Vista - cmd - dir C:\spark.ini /s/b

linux / os x - find / -type f -name “spark.ini”

It may not necassarily be a .ini on non windows systems.

On OS X it could also be spark.plist

On linux / OS X it could also be spark.conf

Then again, looking at the code would show name and location.