Can not use search feature on spark

Hi I’'m newer in using wildfire and spark!

I have a trouble to search contact on spark the messege box appear unable to contact search service (search service not available) actually I already installed Jabber Search (JEP-0055). At the first time I can use this feature on spark, but just now I can’‘t. I see on wildfire console under server tabs there is search properties but I don’'t know the name for that service, is that will effect to the system. can somebody help me.


Yohan C

Did u have configured the name of the machine in your DNS?

Did u configured correctly the search settings at wildfire?

Hope help

yup i have configured the name of the machine in my DNS, but I have touble what is search service name

that i must use for that.

on search properties

it say : search service name : machine name

(what is name for the blank)

Is the search plugin installed? If so go into the admin console and specify a service name, although it should have search as the default name.


yup the search plugin installed of course. i already have try with search as default but i still can’'t use that service on Spark. is there any configuration that can change that name?thank