Can someone share their eclipse settings? (Source folder/Classpath/Build path etc)

Morning all,

I’m having real problems trying to import openfire into eclipse and getting it to build with ANT (Currently have 11393 errors!) I suspect this is something to do with classpath and buildpath issues.

I’m using:

  • Openfire 4.0.2
  • Eclipse Luna
  • Various eclipse plugins (M2Eclipse, eGit, etc)

I’ve attached files below of how mine look.

Can anyone offer any advice?@Guus ?

A couple of days ago, we merged two pull-requests by Daniel Hams, that should add Eclipse project files compatible with Luna. Chances are that things will work out of the box if you pull the latest sources from Github.

What I think you did wrong is adding the openfire/build/lib/ folder as a class folder (in the ‘libraries’ tab). Instead, I think you need to add all JAR files from that folder (and it’s subfolders).

Thanks Guus - that’s really helpful. I’m cloning the current Github repo now, and will copy in the .classpath. I did a quick try with the .class path mentioned in your answer and that really helped (left me with about 30 missing Jars) - so I thoughts I’d sync up my version of Openfire source with the latest from Github and then use the .classpath file in /build/eclipse/.classpath.

Many thanks

This worked pretty well - thanks very much. There’s a couple of missing references but eclipse seemed to import the .classpath file and set it all up for me! If it’s of value to anyone in the future, your eclipse classpath should look something like this:

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Hi Matt,

Glad you got it sorted. Any chance you have a record of which references were missing?

If you do we can update it so that others don’t have the issue in future either.

For what it’s worth, the two issues I was aware of were that the clustering plugin can’t be built without a dependency on a library outside of the repository - and the rayo plugin which has some classpath clashes that mean it can’t be imported into a single eclipse project with the other bits.

On my end I still have to run the openfire and plugins builds (ant openfire, ant plugins) and then perform a refresh in eclipse to get everything picked up.