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Can someone tell me how to log into GTalk with Spark 2.5.5?

Hi! I have been using Spark for a few days, and I am really frustrated trying to connect to Google Talk. I know that GTalk is an odd bird in how it wants to handle JID and Realm, so maybe I am just entering things wrong. Instead of just a “username”, GTalk wants "user@gmail.com" and for the “to” addressee on packets, it wants “gmail.com”. And the server is talk.google.com, port 5222, STARTTLS and PLAIN SASL authentication.

The only response I am getting from Google is “invalid authzid.” This means that the data bits hashed together for the ID part of the PLAIN authentication are wrong.

I am not exactly a newb. I have been a Smack user for years, and I have written a couple of XMPP client libs myself in Java and C++. I did go through extra pains getting my client to connect with Google. (For example, Google sends -you- the resource that your client needs to identify itself). But I know that it can work.

So am I doing something wrong? Is Spark not using Smack’s GoogleTalkConnection, or at least mimicing its parameters?

Thanks a bunch!

Yeah, it seems to have become a little messed up with the change to using Configuration object. I’ve gone ahead and added Gtalk and a transport optino in spark along with adding other XMPP servers as well. This will be in 2.5.6 to resolve this issue.



This is pure client, right? Not a gateway?


Actually, we are going the gateway route. If you like though, I could always file an issue and fix the direct login :).



I think that fixing the client to connect to Google directly would be much better, and in fact, it would

probably be a LOT easier. There is nothing wrong with how GTalk handles Jabber

client-to-server chatter. Lots of existing Jabber clients connect to it just fine.

The only twist is in its peculiar way of putting together the client’s credentials

for PLAIN SASL authentication. Instead of user@server connecting to server,

it’s user@gmail.com connecting to talk.google.com.

IMHO, if Spark could connect nicely with Gtalk, then it would have the potential of being a superior

GTalk client to Google’s own (and be advertised as such).

Problem solved! It -was- easy!

After reading some posts in Smack-dev, I thought I would experiment and throw in the

latest Smack jar files (3.0.4+) into the lib directory, and voila! It works. No need to

fix it at all, I guess!

So on your next release, I guess you just need the latest Smack libs.



Hi, ishmal,

What do you mean “3.0.4+”? Does it include “3.0.4”?

I just installed Spark 2.5.6 and failed to login talk.google.com whatever I tried.

Thanks for any help!

Zhijun Sheng

Edit: I know where my problem is:

The username field should be “myusername” instead of “myusername@gamil.com. And the server field should be “gmail.com” instead of “talk.google.com”. Now it’s working.