Can Spark be used on two different network pc's with same user/login?

I am new to Spark and have a user wondering if it can be used on two different network pc’s at same time with her individual login. It seems to freeze the program when she has tried. I was able to login on two different pc’s with my login and send IM’s, but when I tested a second time it did freeze the program on the first pc I had Spark running on, when I exited via taskman and relaunched on pc “a” it does seem to be ok. Maybe I have a setting that she doesn’t have checked or unchecked??

Thanks in advance for any insight, Dan

To use it with the same login you have to specify different Resource handle for at least one of them. You can find this field by going into Advanced menu on the Login screen. By default it puts “Spark” into this field. So change it to something else on one of the PCs. Then it will allow to login with the same username on both clients.

Anticipating next question i can say that Spark won’t sync messages between two logins. You can read this for more information Explanation: message synchronization between clients

u da man!!

thank you very much.