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Can`t delete last item of the pubsub node

Pubsub node always returns last published item after patch “OF-859: Pubsub fix; misc cleanup”

@@ -1627,9 +1627,6 @@ else if (maxPublished != -1)

DbConnectionManager.closeConnection(rs, pstmt, con);


  •    if (results.size() == 0)
  •        return Collections.emptyList();

return results;


In case when this item is already deleted it is a bug.

Affected version of Openfire is 4.0.1.

To fix this bug I suggest attached patch.

In this patch I set lastPublished variable to null when this published item has been removed.

Сообщение отредактировано: Evgeny Kuklo
patch.diff.zip (474 Bytes)

Same issue here. Please consider fixing this issue in the master branch.

created [OF-1310] Can`t delete last item of the pubsub node - IgniteRealtime JIRA