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Can the ldap filter be used to allow restirct access to Jive Messenger

We are looking at implementing jive messenger at our company, but need to restrict certain users from using messaging, can we use the ldap filter to restrict access to a subset of users.

Are you using ldap and AD? If so, you can create a security group and add just the people you want to have IM and then edit your search filters so that Jive only sees those users. just a thought …


that’'s what i thought, our director only wants certain users to have IM access. We are using Oracle internet directory as our LDAP server. I will create a group for IM users and then change the ldap filter. Anyone got any pointers on the filter?


Here’‘s an example of config search filter. You can tweak these ldap settings and I’‘m no guru for sure, but I changed the objectCategory to User to speed up the saerch. The CN=IMgroup is a security group I created within the OU I created called IMusers. So car I only have test accounts and IMgroup in this OU. It’'s more for administration than anything.

Hope this helps.