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Can this authentication be done?


I am just about to install and try wildfire for the first time. I already installed via rpm, now I want to setup the custom database authentication using my existing user table.

Here is the question: can I store all the tables in wildfire database while using the existing users table in another database (on a different server even)?

Or should I just add the new required tables to my existing database and just use the custom SQL selects for authentication?

The database server can reside on a different machine.

However, you must use the table format (if you are using an external database such as MySQL) which comes as a .sql file with wildfire. Or, you may use the built-in database engine provided by wildfire.

I guess I was not very clear in my question.

what I mean is can I use 2 different mysql databases in the setup - one to store all the wildfire server tables, excluding user table and use the user table from a different database which is on a remote server.

Well, the answer is no.

If you want the answer to be yes, you have to modify and compile the wildfire(openfire) source code.



you can use the JDBC Auth provider to connect to any other database.

I have anyhow no idea if you can set this up during installation or if you need to modify conf/wildfire.xml and restart Wildfire.


JDBC Auth provider mentioned by LG should serve the purpose.