Can this be done in openfire?


Im using claros chat with openfire and IMGateway plugin which is working fine. but i have few problems here… when ever i want to login to my yahoo/gtalk accounts first i have to create a user in openfire and register that user with my yahoo/gtalk account and then try login with claros chat.

is there a way that i can automate the process of creating and registering users…when i try to login using claros chat…

please reply asap.

Thank you,


Hi bala,

It might be a limitation of claros chat, I’m not familiar with that client. Some clients don’t “see” the transports/gateways because they aren’t displayed in the roster, but rather indicated as a service, and because of that also can’t create any gateway accounts. You could try to use a different client as a test that does support (I think many do, actually - Psi for instance) and if that works, it’s indeed a problem with claros not understanding offered services.