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Can tinder be used to create a simple XMPP Server?


I have an existing SIP Server and wanted to add XMPP capability to it. Can tinder be used for the same?


Hi Gary,

Tinder provides an implementation of XMPP entities, such as XMPP stanzas (Packet.class), Jabber identifiers (JID.class) and components (Component.class). It does not include any logic related to routing of stanzas, which is a key responsibility of a XMPP server implementation.

If you want to implement this logic yourself, and are looking for a library that provides XMPP building blocks, yes, you could use Tinder. If you’re looking for an existing implementation of an XMPP server, I would suggest you’d have a look at Openfire, the XMPP server implementation featured on this website.

You can find more information in RFCs 3920 and 3921 (see http://xmpp.org/rfcs/ ). They define the core XMPP protocol.

Hope this helps!

Since I already have a SIP Server, I don’t want to run another XMPP Server but want to develop a simple SIP to XMPP as well as XMPP to XMPP server.

Any idea as to how does Tinder compare with JSO library?

SIP and XMPP are two distinct protocols. Translating one into the other is a pretty complex undertaking, given that both protocols are very feature-rich. What features are you trying to translate?

I’m not familiar with JSO - I’m afraid I cannot compare it to Tinder.