Can triilian pro with jabber plugin act as sip client for asterisk?


I’‘ve read some posts about asterisk-im and Trillian compatibility. Before pruchasing trillian, I’'d like to know if Jabber plugin also allows video communication of two trillians over Asterisk and whether this Trillian + Jabber plugin can act as sip phone to Asterisk and allow general SIP video calls to be made ?

What features of Asterisk are accesible from Trillian pro+jabber ?

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Not with the Asterisk-IM plugin from Jive Software. The Asterisk-IM plugin lets you see precense of other users, and can be used to setup a call between Asterisk-IM users. Basically, you tell your Instant Messenger that you want to call John D., Your phone starts ringing and after you pickup the phone, Johns phone starts ringing.

To test out Trillians capabilities, you don’‘t have to buy the software. Celurian offers a 30-day evaluation period for Trillian pro. You’'ll have to register, after which you get an activation code.


thanks for info. I should really rephrase questions…

You still need separate video softphone phone if you want to make video call to other asterisk-im user ? You cannot use Trillian video feature for making calls to other asterisk-im users ?

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As far as I know, you still need a seperate softphone client. I have taken a quick look at the video/microphone settings in Trillian, but they seemed to apply to certain protocols only. You could browse the Celurean forums though, maybe I’'m wrong.

Hi Guus,

the feature you’‘re describing is exactly what i’'m searching, but i cannot find out where to activate it in the Trillian Client.

I mean, that in the system i’'ve setted up, everything works fine (asterisk, phones using xlite or diax as clients, jive messanger, etc…).

Using the in this configuration the SPARC client, i can find, both the DIAL function in the pulldown menus, and the CALL function while chatting with a user (in the upper part of the chat window).

The problem is : Where are these calling features in the Trillian Client? or better where is the calling feature to call John D. ?

I cannot find out anything to get out of this problem.



If everything is installed correct, you should get an extra option “Place call to user” if you click with the right mouse button on a contact that has a registered extension.

Unfortunately, “place call to users” does not appear clicking on a contact, even if that contact has a registerd extension.

Any idea?


Trillian Pro last version (downloaded yesterday) 3.1. Build 121

Jabber plugin last version (downloaded yesterday)

Jive Messenger 2.3.0

I can see from the Jive Messenger console, both users on line and Active; i can normally chat with trillian. I can even Call anoother user using the SPARK client and his CALL function, and i can even call outside or mobiles using the DIAL function of the SPARK client (using the same jive messengers users in spark).

but No “place call to users” in Trillian, with the same users.

Well, your configuration seems ok to me. If Spark works, so should Trillian, as far as I know. The only ‘‘issue’’ I ran into was that after login it took some time (but never more than a minute) before the Asterisk-IM specific commands were visible in Trillian.

I’‘ve de-installed Trillian, but I remember that there’‘s a way to debug XMPP data that it sends to and receives from the server. Have a look at that (as well as your serverlogs). Maybe you’'ll see something odd there.