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Can we alter the XMPP Database table from client end (Smack Android, iOS)?

I have a requirement to alter the XMPP database table directly from client itself. Is there any way to do that. I simply want to add a field into message table (XMPP DB) when a user send a message from client. I am unable to find any help till now. Comments will appreciated. Is there any suggestion how can i achieve the same.

That sounds like a strange requirement to me.
First of all, which database do you want to change (server DB, client DB), and wouldn’t that be dangerous?

@Paul_Schaub We want to modify the server DB from client end(Android/iOS/Web). We are using ejabbered XMPP Server and and it would require Erlang knowledge to modify the tables at server side, as you can not modify the tables as per requirement. So is there any way to do this, without modifying the DB tables.

You can write an Openfire plugin, which intercepts the message and then you can modify the database table.

They are using ejabberd as a backend. Maybe ejabberd also has such ability through plugins.

Thank you for your response. Is it possible to add a custom field in xmpp Database table in backend, if yes how can we do that? Also how can we insert data to that field through the client (mobile apps). Can you suggest me any way to do that.