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Can we disable logging of chats by Group, rather than by user list?

Really this question is being asked in regard to more and more capabilities, but we will start with this one.

We’ve noticed on server that we can provide list of users, and say ‘Don’t log’ for them.

We’d like to be able to just list the Groups, and say the same…and then just maintain the Group members and get the no logging capability from there.

Is this achievable on the server?

Related comments:

Similar behaviors would be desirable, for example when creating Room Members lists, it would be nice if we could list by Group.

As well would be nice if all users/groups were listed in a dropdown, or some more friendly listbox so we don’t have to remember them.

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siquser wrote:

Is this achievable on the server?

I think no. I mean not with the current version. Of course this can be achieved by modifying the source.