Can Windows Update break spark 2.5.8?

Just installed Windows updates for June on a Windows 7 Professional system. Spark 2.5.8 has always worked flawlessly on this system. After the install of the updates, it now displays the following error when Spark attempts to start on start up -

File or Directory .\lib not found or empty

If I click OK on the error window and double-click Spark.exe it runs fine. I’ve tried to uninstall/reinstall Spark 2.5.8 without success. I could go through the time consuming task of uninstalling the Microsoft updates and reinstalling one by one to see which one is causing the issue, but wanted to check here first. Any suggestion would be appreciated.


I havent see any issues on XP systems. When you reinstall Spark, do you also delete your profile at C:\Users\username\Spark ? (this will delete your history)

Thanks for the reply. I’m having problems uninstall Spark at the moment. When trying to uninstall from Add or Remove Programs, I get an error “Can’t load main class.” Do you know of a utility that will remove any occurrence of Spark on a user’s system? Or, maybe instructions to manually uninstall Spark. I think if I start clean, it should work.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Try some of the uninstaller helpers like RegCleaner, Revo Uninstaller, which can remove broken entries and also cleanup leftover files and registry entries. Also, don’t forget about that profile folder before doing clean reinstall.

It looks like something wrong is with java. You can also try deleting internal Spark java (/Spark/jre dir) and installing the latest Java JRE package for your system.

Got it working yesterday. Removed the profile folder and reinstalled. All seems to be fine now.

Thanks for your help.