Can you install spark .msi with a configuration file?

Hello All,
it is awesome that Spark client is offered in MSi form but i guess as many other customizing the installation is important. I seems to not be able to find a documentation which describes this. Is it possible during the installation to point to a config file with predefined settings so end users use it the way organization wants? Currently we build it using the source files and manually edit all XML to hard code the server URL, the login options, which plugins to be installed, some other settings…, etc.
Thank you for your help!

There is no built-in way to customize the Spark client MSI installer to point to a config file with predefined settings. However, you can use workarounds such as environment variables, custom scripts, or third-party tools:)

Thank you margaretcika!
I’m currently compiling modified version of the code to achieve this however it’s very time consuming.