Can you post your release dates for future Spark and Wildfire releases?

Can you post your release dates for future Spark and Wildfire releases?

Hi Todd,

06 April 2006 (later this day) for Spark and Wifi

Next release date if it is not a quick bug-fix release will be in about 4-8 weeks, the detailed date will be announced about 2 weeks before the release day.


Thank you

Spark did not come out yesterday as promised. When will it come out?


SPARK-273 is the last open issue for Spark 1.1.4 which should have been fixed yesterday. As I’‘m not a Spark developer I can’'t promise that it will be released today and I assume that the new version has some problems with Spark FastPath.


Cool, thanks for the update. But who uses a MAC? Just kidding. I am a PC guy, but I understand. I am hoping that it will come out this weekend.

If it weren’'t for this Mac guy, another company would have gone with MS Live!

I may quote Derek “… has been fixed in the upcoming 3.0.1 release of Fastpath. This will be released on Thursday April 13th.” I’'m quite sure that this will also be the release date of Spark.

Is there something in the next version you really want or do you just like new software?

LG has it right – both Spark and Fastpath should be out on Thursday. Unfortunately, we had to delay the releases by a week to allow more time for our next secret project.

A better roadmap is definitely something we’‘d like to add to the site, though. It’'s on our todo list.



I like Secret Projects, if you tell me, I promise only to blab about it in the forums!


Hi Jeff,

as far as I understand Matt it is an easter egg and I believe one could already use it if one could find it. I prefer to wait some hours.


Just about ready to post it!