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Can you search by name in Spark and can someone's username be updated?

I have been told that Spark’s functionality to search by name or email does not work. Is this true? I have been on Spark since last August and my username that was initially created is the only way someone can search for me, but since I legally changed my last name (due to marriage) right after I started working here, and my username was created using my old last name, no one can find me. I’ve been told that while my name is updated, my username cannot be updated(is that really true?) and since no one can search for me by name it’s problematic. I do not know the IT end of things but some information I can see via Help-About is that I am on version 2.7.7. Build: 810. Smack Version: 3.3.1. JRE Version: 1.8.0_92.

I have just tried this and it seems Spark is doing a case sensitive search. So, suggest your colleagues to search for Larson instead of larson. I have filed a ticket about that, though not sure when it could be fixed https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-2048 Although, you are on older Spark version, so even if it gets fixed someday, your users won’t get that fix.

Hi - thanks for looking into this for me! So are you saying that if they fixed it so that the search was not case sensitive, it would only apply to the latest version? What is the latest version and are the upgrades costly and that is why my organization has not updated? Thanks!

You are using 2.7.7 version and the current latest version is 2.8.3. I meant that if it gets fixed say in 2.9.0, all your users would have to upgrade to that version. But i’m not saying it will get fixed soon (or ever). This software is driven only by volunteers which are scarce here. Spark is freeware, so it costs no money to upgrade, but i guess going from 2.7 to 2.8 involves some additional configuration/adjustment and your IT decided it is not worth it.