Candy for OpenFire

HI Everyone,

I am trying to install Candy for Openfire, but I am a bit confused about the install process. The process on Github found on this link: GitHub - deleolajide/openfire-candy: Automatically exported from says to install the candy.war file in the “plugin” folder for Openfire, but I can’t find the “candy.war” file anywhere on Github. Has the install process changed, since it moved from Google Code onto Github? Please let me know.

Thanks again for the help,


The link is to the source. War file is an installer you need to build from that source. There is build.xml file, which is used for building that war, but i can’t find what tool is used for that in the file itself (usually it is Ant, but i don’t see Ant being mentioned in there).

Thanks for the reply wroot. I was thinking the same thing, but there was no instruction provided on Github for the process used to compile the source code.

This is what happens when I run a build on ant:

##@openfire:/tmp/candy $ ant

Buildfile: /tmp/candy/build.xml




** [javac] /tmp/candy/build.xml:27: warning: ‘includeantruntime’ was not set, defaulting to build.sysclasspath=last; set to false for repeatable builds**


/tmp/candy/build.xml:27: srcdir “/Work/Projects/2010.04.21-iTrader/Workspace/CandyPlugin/svn/src” does not exist!

Total time: 1 second

Anyone else have any ideas?


Candy for Openfire is no more in development and has been replaced by Openfire Meetings. The version of Candy in Openfire Meetings (ofmeet) is up to date and supports audio/video and screenshare.

The latest version 0.3.13 allows you to run Candy from the desktop as a chrome extension

see community-plugins/ at master · igniterealtime/community-plugins · GitHub