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Cannot connect spark to google chat

I cannot connect my Spark IM client to my google chat and account. Everytime I try to do so, I get the “username or passord is incorrect” error, even thouh I know for a fact that they are correct. The problem I am experiencing is pretty much the one described in this discussion:

However, since that discussion is 2 years old, I decided to just create a new one and avoid necro-posting / revival.

I am using Spark 2.6.3, on a fresh install of Linux Ububuntu 12.04 LTS.

Assuming my login is user@gmail.com i entered:

Username: user

Passwort: myPass

Server: gmail.com

Did not work. Then on the Advanced options I tried:

Host: talk.google.com

Port: 5222 and 5223 (tested both)

Old: true (tested with both)

Am I doing something wrong?

Did you resolve it?

I am having the same problem.