Cannot connect thru NAT firewall

I have tried openfire for windows and for Linux, and cannot connect thru my nat firewall. I have the correct ports open, and the firewall is passing the traffic to the server as evidenced in the firewall logs, but outside clients cannot connect to the server… From inside, connections are fine… I am wanting to implement this as a replacement to MSN at work, but need it to work via the WAN.


What is your server’s name and what domain/ip are you using to connect to it both internally and externally?

Is your server seeing the connection attemps?

Can you connect to the admin console from outside the firewall (enable this for testing if you don’t already have it enabled, ports 9090 and/or 9091).

What client are you using?

I setup something similar back in december (my company moved away from yahoo to xmpp).

Good luck.

It cannot connect on 9090 or 9091. and the logs on the server are not reflecting a connection… However, my firewall is passing the connection just fine. How can i get spark to give me a debug log? i set it to debug, and it returns nothing.

Download psi ( and try connecting with that. It’s a little more fully featured than Spark. If this is a test network, try removing the router and plugging the server straight into the internet connection. Or try enabling the DMZ. Are you sure you’re forwarding the ports or just opening them? Is there a firewall between the router and the server? Is there a firewall on your internet gateway (dsl/cable modem, or other?), does this have NAT turned on? Can you ping the server from the router (if your router allows that anyway)? Are you running any other services on your network that you can sucessfully access from outside the network?

I’m just throwing out ideas, some are less probable than others from what you’ve said, but something might get you on the right track.

The ports are forwarded on my PFsense box. the logs are showing the traffic going to the Openfire server

The firewall is a PFsense box with 2 connections in it…

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