Cannot connect to spark SVN

Hi all,

I’m on the way to try to build Spark and to customize it a little bit but I cannot to the spark SVN. It may be a proxy problem or maybe a firewall that filter here, in the company that I’m working in. I followed up this tutorial but no way to get connected to the svn with eclipse (in wich I succeed to install the plugins required, with my proxy config). But with the svn plugin (that has proxy settings configured), no way !

I can access via my browser to the sources. But I really don’t want to download the files on by one.

I couldn’t found any archive containing the whole source of spark. Anyone have an idea ?



You can try to use some subversion client to download source. TortoiseSVN, RapidSVN. There is also a guide for compiling Spark with Netbeans:

Thank’s good answer, it really works better with turtoise behind a firewall !