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Cannot connect to Wildfire, nothing happen. Why?

I have latest Wildfire and smack.

Here is my simple code:

import org.jivesoftware.smack.*;

public class TestLogin


public static void main(String args[])




XMPPConnection l_xmmpConnection = new SSLXMPPConnection

(“”, 5222);

AccountManager l_accountManager =


l_accountManager.createAccount(“tancy”, “tancy”);



catch (Exception ex)






After I compiled, I ran. Nothing happen. The program was still in MS-DOS.

I need to control-c to quit the program. 1 was not printed.

Why ?

Hi Tan,

you may try to use port 5223 if you really want to use the old SSL method and not the SASL/TSL method to connect. The documentation provides some examples, here in the Smack forum you’'ll find some.

You could start the XMPP debugger to see which packets are sent.

Using an IDE like Eclipse will make life more easy, there is also a debugger provided.


Thanks ! I am able to connect now.