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Cannot create account in sparkweb

I have setup the spark web and created an account from the admin pannel, I am able to login and im able to chat with the users who are added in to my list.

But in my application i need the user be able to create his/her account, as there is a create account option. But when I try to create an account using this option I am not able to create an account. why is this? I have gone throught the discussion forms but none of them have give a solid reason as to why this is happening.

please help its a bit urgent.

Thanks in advance…

Maybe inband account creation is disabled on the server? http://server:9090/reg-settings.jsp

No, Inband Account Registration has been enabled

I wonder if no one has ever been through these problems…,

Please some one give me a help…

I have the same issue…

This might sound strange, but try this:

Enter in the username / password, then click the “create account” button LOTS of times. Go nuts on that thing. Eventually it will work and you will go back to the login screen.

At least this is the behavior on my deployment.