Cannot get displayName for Name Field

I have had this server up for quite some time, and I originally had no issue getting the name displayed in Spark to show as the “Display Name” from Active Directory. However, one day a couple of weeks ago some of the users started commenting that the system was showing their Given Name, and not the name that they prefer to go by.

Absolutely nothing had changed when this happened. I did not perform any updates to Openfire or the Ubuntu Server it is running on, or to our Domain Controllers. This server is a Virtual Machine on my Hyper-V hosts, all of which run at a Datacenter with redundant power… so I know there was not a server reboot anywhere in there. It quite honestly just stopped working.

Last night I cleared the server caches, upgraded to 4.0.2 (I was on 4.0.1), ran the latest Ubuntu updates, rebooted the Ubuntu VM, and even updated and rebooted my domain controllers. After all of that, I still cannot get the display name to show.

In system properties:

And here is my VCard-Mapping (I am directly copy/pasting from the Server Properties):

<![CDATA[ {cn} {mail} {displayName} {homePostalAddress} {homeZip} {co} {streetAddress} {l} {st} {postalCode} {co} {homePhone} {mobile} {ipPhone} {mobile} {facsimileTelephoneNumber} {pager} {title} {department} ]]>

Any help would be fantastic… I’ve check the logs, and nothing jumps out at me as pertaining to this… If you want logs just let me know which ones. The frustrating point is I know this was working for at least 3 years…

And yes, I have seen this on all client PC’s, not just my own.

what value do you have for provider.vcard.className

that looks right. but I noticed your ldap.nameField try changing that to cn

That is what it originally was. I was looking around last night and saw some older suggestions to set it to ‘displayName’ so I tried it.

I’ve just set it back now. Is there anything I need to do to make it effective immediately? If not, I’ll restart the services later.

i think you’ll need to restart the server. also the client might be caching the vcard info, so after you restart the OF server, you might want to restart an affected client as well

All of our PC’s reboot at 3AM daily. I’ll try to restart the server tonight and see what happens.

I’ll keep you posted, and thanks for the help!

Rebooted the Server, and still do not have the Display Name showing.

Another issue, and this may or may not be related, is in my User Summary.

Those are computers, not users. I don’t remember ever seeing those in the list before. Since my naming convention for PC’s uses ‘D-’ for Desktops, my users list shows users starting with A to C, and then fills up with the Desktops.

your search filter needs to be adjusted if you wish to filter out computer accounts.

As far as the displayName issue…I’m out of ideas. the only time Ive seen this has been under two circumstances. the user account used for querying LDAP didn’t have the correct read permission to AD, or when the ldapvcard provider was changed to look at the database instead of ldap.