Cannot get OCS 2007 R2 working with OpenFire

This is Microsoft’s link for configuring the XMPP Gateway (which works with Jabber) on OCS 2007 R2.

The instructions aren’t that great for me, because Microsoft did it thinking I would be configuring the XMPP gateway to communicate with a jabber server on my own domain behind my firewall. I would actually like to simply have my XMPP gateway server federate with other jabber servers on the internet. In my environment, I have OCS 2007 R2 up and running on Windows Server 2008, along with the XMPP gateway which is federating perfectly with Google Talk. The Jabber console configurations in the article are much different from the OpenFire Admin Console, but I did the best I could on the configurations. I configured server to server configurations to connect to the public DNS name of my XMPP gateway. I got a little puzzled with the gateway plugin. Is it simple/sip or xmpp gateway? And do I configure an extra “A” record in DNS for to point to the same IP as I configured my SRV records the way Microsoft said to do it. When I connect from either side, I just get timeouts. I dont even get any events in the event viewer. Has anyone successfully gotten OpenFire to federate with OCS? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

They say it should work with Jabber XCP (and GTalk). But every jabber server is different and probably need custom support. I wonder doest it work with other jabber servers like ejabbed, tigase, etc. There were one thread about this new XMPP Gateway of OCS. Everyone is only asking is there anyone who has managed to connect to Openfire. So, probably you won’t find much help here. At least, for now. As it has just been released, as i understand. Though i think everything will mostly depend on MS developers. I doubt you will see any official support of this from Openfire. Jive officials are not very active with that project and few voluntuteers have enough bugs to fix. Though, Jive is now pushing their integration with MS products (SharePoint, Office) solutions. So, maybe they will get interested in this someday.

I wanted to comment about gateway plyugin you mentioned. I dont think you need it in this situation. Gateway plugin is used to create transports to some other networks, like MSN, Yahoo, Simple as well. Then client, which is connected to your jabber server, will be able to register with any of enabled transports and use their jabber client to chat with users on other networks. Gateway plugin has xmpp transport as well. Though it’s there more like a proof of concept, as you usually use server-2server jabber servers connection than doing it via transport option. I think, in your situation it has to be some sort of server-2-server connection between Openfire and OCS XMPP Gateway. I’m just assuming, i dont know exactly how does OCS gateway work.

Btw, IM Gateway plugin for Openfire is no more supported. One should use Kraken instead.

I managed to get my OCS to work with Google Talk so my settings is correct. I also managed to get Openfire to work with Google Talk, so settings wise, both are working fine. But I cannot get Openfire to talk to OCS until I patched OCS with the hotfix. However I only managed to get it to work one way, which is from Openfire to OCS and not the other way round. Openfire web admin should google works for both incoming and outgoing but for OCS only outgoing.

Can anyone shed a light here? I hate having to move from Openfire unless I really have to.

Two things needed here.

Install the latest patch for the XMPP gateway -7FA0FAF80B82&displaylang=en

And set s2s security to custom, TLS unavailable. That is until there is a solution to the SSL error

LocalOutgoingServerSession: Handshake error while creating secured outgoing session to remote server: (DNS lookup: General SSLEngine problem