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Cannot log into ICQ

I have spark running and correct passwords. I log in and Yahoo and MSN log in fine. The ICQ icon is lit up but it will not login and show contacts?

I have ICQ on my CPU and I am running remote deskdop connection to a main server and that is where Spark is installed. I can log in fin on my personbal CPU but cannot get ICQ to log in throught the remote connection to the main server at my company


More Info MY IT manager says he can see me logged in on the server but I am working from remote desktop and I see Yahoo and MSN contacts but no ICQ. Also If I log in onto ICQ my CPU and then log in on the remote desktop The connection on my CPU says I have logged on on another computer. I also talked to other ICQ contacts and they say I show off line and cannot send me IM’s when My IT guy shows me logged in via the remote desktop. FWIW


Another bit of Info ICQ2go show my contact roster! but not on spark

Announcement: IM Gateway Plugin has Moved

The IM Gateway Plugin has moved and been renamed: Kraken XMPP IM Gateway.

Please direct questions to that site as the maintainer is not actively monitoring this forum.

by @Benjamin Sherman at 06-May-2009 12:08