Cannot login as admin version 3.9.1

I recently changed the administrator password for the Windows Active Directory domain. and after a few hours no one could login from Spark. So I attempted to login to the admin console and it says my password is invalid. So I tried adding a new admin account in the config file and it did not work. So since I am using the embedded DB I opened the db file and saw that the password should be admin. Which did not work.

So I changed the config file from true to false and ran the setup. But at the end of the setup it would not let me choose a new password and would not accept the known password either.

So since I made a backup prior to fiddling with the config files. I restored it and then changed the AD password back to the previous one and now users can again login from their spark clients.

I would like to upgrade to the latest version and move it to a newer windows server. But I need to be able to login as admin first.

Any help that can be provided on how to get this working will be greatly appreciated!