Cannot login to Openfire after first install, the admin account tests give success during install


I installed Openfire using OpenLDAP integration. During the install all three connection tests give ok (LDAP connection, users and groups and they are listed). After that, I am adding admin accounts from LDAP. I add two accounts and test them if I am able to login during install. Both users give success in tests. Then I click the last continue button in the install and it installs the database. And gives me the option to go to the login page. I click on that and go to the login page. At that point I am not able to login with correct credentials with none of the admin users. Credentials are correct, they have been tested many times. Couldn’t find a solution.

I tried to reinstall and restarting Openfire. Even rebooting the server. I googled aorund but couldn’t find such a case. Maybe I am missing a very trivial point but couldn’t find that. Can you help?

Where do you install Openfire (OS) and how do you run it (launcher, service?). Also, which version?

I have installed it on CentOS 7. Openfire version is 4.0.1. I am starting it as a service. I also tried changing the openfire.xml by adding admin user but since OpenLDAP is integrated it is changing the .xml file on restart of the service.

Why not 4.1.5? Not saying this is a bug in 4.0.1, but to be sure it is not. Although this might be some issue with OpenLDAP/LDAP and as i don’t use them, can’t help.

Tried 4.1.5. The result is the same. Still cannot login as admin!

Solved the problem! I was retrying the installation but the values are inserted to the text boxes automatically from mysql from the first install. There was a user filter that I inserted in the first install. In the following installs I delete that but for some reason the new installation does not change the value of this filter to null. That is why, I was getting success till the last step of installation and then after it is complete I was getting the error. What I did was to go to mariadb and set the user filter ldapsearch.filter value to null. Then everything worked flawlessly.

Hope this helps if somebody faces a similar problem.