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Cannot reach admin panel

Since yesterday all my jabber accounts not working in pidgin and i cannot reach openfire admin panel in browser. I got some problems with my name servers and yum update but this is solved now. Pls help

Hi Oliver,

these are a bit to few informations to help you.

regarding the admin panel, do you get to the login page of the admin panel ?

if yes, what error message do you get when you try to login

if not, please execute the following command on your linux server

“netstat -anp |grep 9090”

this should show something like

“tcp 0 0 :::9090 :::* LISTEN 10710/java”

if not, then you seem to have a problem with you admin plugin

btw. what verson of openfire do you have running ?

do you see any errors in <openfirehome/logs/error.log ?

did you already try to restart your openfire server from command line ?

is the database Server running which your openfire Server is depending on ?



It shows nothing.and in logs shows nothing. I dont know which version i have.

Hi Oliver,

what OS are you running and how did you install the server ?

what does “ps aux |grep openfire” show ?

are you sure, that the server is running ?

if yes, how do you know ?

regarding the version, check the first line of /logs/nohup.log




3585 0.0 0.2 4032 688 pts/1
R+ 14:03 0:00 grep openfire

Centos 5.?

Where is openfire home?

this depends on how you installed .

if you installed it via yum/rpm then try “rpm -qa |grep openfire” if not then consult the documentation you made while installing it.

from the ps output it seems as if openfire is not running.

starting it helps to be able to connect to it.