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Cannot receive message after login Pade ofmeet

I installed Pade plugin on my openfire 4.7.1. I noticed that if I login meeting from https://my-ip:7443/ofmeet/mymeetingname with an exiting XMPP account ID, this ID cannot receive the XMPP message push anymore (e.g. on an android client concersations app). A manual logging-out and re-logging-in on this app can solve the problem. Is there some configuaration that be done on the Pade plulgin side?

Not at the moment, but if you log an issue at Issues · igniterealtime/openfire-pade-plugin · GitHub, that will remind me to implement it.

Assuming you are using the notification plugin as well, I believe the Pade web push notification is in conflict with the notification plugin. The solution would be to disable Pade notifications as you are not using the web client and don’t need web push notifications

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Thanks @Dele_Olajide It is working for me.

Just did

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