Cannot send/receive to any contacts

I am running wildfire 3.1.0 (using LDAP integration)

I was running spark 2.0.3 but upgraded to 2.0.4

Now I cannot send/receive to any contacts. I reverted to 2.0.3 but can’'t send/receive to any users even if i log onto the server from another installation/computer.

(so i think my profile is crap) but how do I reinitialize my user profile while using LDAP? it says it is read-only.

OK… this is an update.

I installed Pandion to see if it was a spark issue… and I was able to send but not receive.

I also cleared the cache on the server… still no luck

Another Update…

Turns out this is happening across our roster where messages are able to be sent, but not received. Any ideas? Any Suggestions?

It is intermittent and if the server is restarted it seems to work for an hour or so… then it is off and on.

Below is an example… I sent a message and she sent back but I didn’'t receive anything.

Here are the logs in Spark


For anyone reading this and having the same situation… it seems it was an issue with our roster and cache.

After each new user you must clear the cache and restart the client. then they will both work. not sure if this is due to my current configuration, or a but… but it’'s the fix!