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Cannot start wildfire as a service on Solaris

I just installed wildfire on a Solaris 5.9 machine, and am having problems starting up the service. I installed it in /opt like requested, and was able to start it up as the user “agent” in /opt/wildfire/bin/ and it all worked fine. However, when I moved wildfired to /etc/init.d and modified the line:

export WILDFIRE_USER=jive


export WILDFIRE_USER=agent

when I try to start it up in the /etc/rc3.d directory (the link is there) I get:

./S91wildfired: WILDFIRE_USER=agent: is not an identifier

This happens if I am logged in as agent or root. Any ideas?

hm… have you given this agent user rights to write to /opt/wildfire folders?

chown -R agent:group /opt/wildfire/

group - this is a group this user belongs to. Dont know if this could be omitted. Put here your group name.

P.S. this is for Linux though.


to set environment variables on Solaris u must use the “set” command.

change “export WILDFIRE_USER=agent” to “set WILDFIRE_USER=agent”