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Cannot transfer conversation to more than one person


Our users have noticed that after transferring a conversation to another agent, the new agent to pick up the convo loses the ability to then transfer the conversation on.

Is this a setting I have incorrectly set up in openfire or is this a bug?

With thanks


Hello, is this thing on?

I understand you are talking about Fastpath? I cant check it right now, because i would have to setup Fastpath and then have two or more agents, i just dont have such testing environment. But i think probably it is designed like that. Hope Todd Getz can jump into this thread and maybe explain something, as he is/was using Fatpath. If this is by design, then there is nothing we can do. Fastpath is not under development anymore and there is noone in the community to uptake further development of this plugin.

Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t aware Fastpath was no longer in active development. Can anyone else recommend an open-source or free live-chat (so we can talk to our customers through our website) solution?