Can't add users to group

Hi All

I am attempting to add all users to a group so that all the user’s rosters will be populated with all users. I am using LDAP with AD. It seems that all the users also got created as groups with no members. I tried to create a group called “KPCenter” and it said it could not create the group, but it is showing up in the list anyway. Then, on the group page, it says "No members in this group. Use the form above to add some.

", but there is no form to add users? Am I just missing something obvious here?

I appreciate the help!

It sounds to me like your config is not quite right. Openfire cannot create users or groups when running in LDAP mode. Can you post your openfire.xml config file (editted for security).

Ah okay. Yeah here it is:


  • <connectionProvider>

<className>org.jivesoftware.database.EmbeddedConnectionProvider</classN ame>


  • <ldap>



<baseDN>ou=SBSUsers,ou=Users,ou=MyBusiness,dc=kpcenter,dc=lan</baseDN&g t;









  • <vcard-mapping>

  • <![CDATA[

&lt;vCard xmlns="vcard-temp"&gt;   &lt;N&gt;     &lt;GIVEN&gt;{cn}&lt;/GIVEN&gt;   &lt;/N&gt;   &lt;EMAIL&gt;     &lt;INTERNET/&gt;     &lt;USERID&gt;{mail}&lt;/USERID&gt;   &lt;/EMAIL&gt;   &lt;FN&gt;{displayName}&lt;/FN&gt;   &lt;ADR&gt;     &lt;HOME/&gt;     &lt;STREET&gt;{homePostalAddress}&lt;/STREET&gt;     &lt;PCODE&gt;{homeZip}&lt;/PCODE&gt;     &lt;CTRY&gt;{co}&lt;/CTRY&gt;   &lt;/ADR&gt;   &lt;ADR&gt;     &lt;WORK/&gt;     &lt;STREET&gt;{streetAddress}&lt;/STREET&gt;     &lt;LOCALITY&gt;{l}&lt;/LOCALITY&gt;     &lt;REGION&gt;{st}&lt;/REGION&gt;     &lt;PCODE&gt;{postalCode}&lt;/PCODE&gt;     &lt;CTRY&gt;{co}&lt;/CTRY&gt;   &lt;/ADR&gt;   &lt;TEL&gt;     &lt;HOME/&gt;     &lt;VOICE/&gt;     &lt;NUMBER&gt;{homePhone}&lt;/NUMBER&gt;   &lt;/TEL&gt;   &lt;TEL&gt;     &lt;HOME/&gt;     &lt;CELL/&gt;     &lt;NUMBER&gt;{mobile}&lt;/NUMBER&gt;   &lt;/TEL&gt;   &lt;TEL&gt;     &lt;WORK/&gt;     &lt;VOICE/&gt;     &lt;NUMBER&gt;{telephoneNumber}&lt;/NUMBER&gt;   &lt;/TEL&gt;   &lt;TEL&gt;     &lt;WORK/&gt;     &lt;CELL/&gt;     &lt;NUMBER&gt;{mobile}&lt;/NUMBER&gt;   &lt;/TEL&gt;   &lt;TEL&gt;     &lt;WORK/&gt;     &lt;FAX/&gt;     &lt;NUMBER&gt;{facsimileTelephoneNumber}&lt;/NUMBER&gt;   &lt;/TEL&gt;   &lt;TEL&gt;     &lt;WORK/&gt;     &lt;PAGER/&gt;     &lt;NUMBER&gt;{pager}&lt;/NUMBER&gt;   &lt;/TEL&gt;   &lt;TITLE&gt;{title}&lt;/TITLE&gt;   &lt;ORG&gt;     &lt;ORGUNIT&gt;{department}&lt;/ORGUNIT&gt;   &lt;/ORG&gt; &lt;/vCard&gt;











  • <provider>

  • <vcard>

<className>org.jivesoftware.openfire.ldap.LdapVCardProvider</className& gt;


  • <user>

<className>org.jivesoftware.openfire.ldap.LdapUserProvider</className&g t;


  • <auth>

<className>org.jivesoftware.openfire.ldap.LdapAuthProvider</className&g t;


  • <group>

<className>org.jivesoftware.openfire.ldap.LdapGroupProvider</className& gt;





Hope that helps. Thanks for your time

Try this modified file. Remeber to change the usernames, passwords and other aspects specific to your domain.

Alright, now all the users that were groups are now gone, but I still can’t seem to add users to the KPCenter group I have created. Thanks for all your help though

Openfire can not make changes to any AD attributes (User, Groups, Profiles, etc). It is read only access. You need to make any adjustments in the program Active Directory Users and Computers, which is found on any Domain controller and can be installed on your local computer.

Thanks a lot for all the help :). Really appreciate it