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Cant call and no call notification, spark

OS:ubuntu 8.04

openfire: 3.6.4



hi guys,

i have a working asterisk, i can call using sip phone…

openfire is also working fine with asterisk-im plugin… i can send and file transfer from spark to spark

my problem is that i call notification is not working…i cant call from spart to spark

these are the errors i received from logs

2009.06.16 10:04:37 No event class registered for event type ‘rtpsenderstat’, attributes: {ssrc=614563509, lostpackets=0, event=RTPSenderStat, srcount=0, privilege=reporting,all, jitter=0, rtt=0.000000, sentpackets=0}

2009.06.16 10:05:56 #0001 was active for 302628 milliseconds and has been removed automaticaly. The Thread responsible was named ‘btpool0-4’, but the last SQL it performed is unknown because the trace property is not enabled.


[Jun 16 10:45:09] NOTICE[7712] channel.c: Unable to request channel SIP/1001

I hope you can help me…

I got same.

OS: FreeBSD 7.2

Openfire 3.6.4

Spark 2.5.8

Asterisk 1.4.26

try this lib

http://maven.reucon.com/public-snapshot/org/asteriskjava/asterisk-java/1.0.0-SNA PSHOT/asterisk-java-1.0.0-20090805.194518-577.jar

When i replaced asterisk-java-0.3.jar with this, all started to work.

Do you have this jar available? The link is dead.


https://secure.reucon.net/nexus/content/repositories/opensource/org/asteriskjava /asterisk-java/1.0.0.M3/asterisk-java-1.0.0.M3.jar