Can''t chat or use plugins in Spark 1.1

Congratulations on Spark 1.1! Two things I’'ve noticed with it:

  1. In some cases, users cannot install/manage plug ins. The menu option simply isn’'t there.

  2. I saw on one system (as well as my own machine this morning) that when I double click on a user nothing happens. I even try right clicking on the user & selecting “Start Chat” and that doesn’'t work either.

It sounds like there is probably one exception causing this, especially since the plugin viewer menu is not even there. Could you paste the contents of spark-error.log please. It is located under the user.home/spark/logs directory.



That’'s really odd. My error log is totally blank. And the warning log hasnt been touched since 2.3.2006.

Let me see if I can make it do it again & hopefully write something there. I’‘d been using 1.1 sicne it was released & I’'d never seen it on my workstation until today.

Even stranger. This morning, I figured I’'d try Spark again & everything is ok on my work station. I checked the warning & error logs, and none of them have changed.

If I see this again, I’'ll let you know. Not sure what to tell you :confused:

Thanks Pc,

I’'ll look into adding more error handling for the next release.



It happened again. Here’'s what happened:

I went to upgrade a user from Psi to Spark. I logged in as an Administrator, and uninstalled Psi. There was no JVM installed, so I opted for JRE 1.5.0_06. I then installed Spark as the Administrator. I then logged out of the system, and logged back in as the normal user. I then configured Spark appropriately and viewed the same problem. Nothing in the logs either.

I’'m not sure if that has any bearing on it.

Upgrading to the next version fixed it.

Good to hear it