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Can''t connect to Messenger server anonymously

Which username and password do I need to connect to Messenger server anonymously?

I enabled anonymous login in Messenger configuration (Registration & Login -> Enabled - Anyone may login to the server.) and tried to connect with Psi (0.9.3) to it. But I’‘ve got answer ‘‘Authentification Failure’’. Then I tried to use Python xmppy library - the same result. I’‘m new in jabber and may be I don’'t understand something?

PS. Sorry for my English

Hi zenith,

Anonymous login is not supported in Psi or any other client that I know of, but there are a lot of clients out there so if someone knows of one please let us know. The term “anonymous login” is somewhat misleading since you do not login with a user account called “anonymous”, rather if the server supports anonymous login the client sends a very basic login query.

If you are a Java guy and would like to see a basic example of how anonymous login works let me know and I can post some code.

Hope that helps,


PS - Your English is great.