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Can't connect to Openfire server in different subnet

OK, here are the specifics of my inquiry:

My Openfire server is the latest release and is located in subnet A.

My Spark IM client is the latest release and is located in subnet B.

I can’t connect to the Openfire server in subnet A from any workstation in subnet B; however, I can connect to the Openfire server in subnet B if I connect my workstation directly to a switch located in subnet B.

Firewalls and antivirus are both disabled on my admin PC (subnet B) and the Openfire Server (subnet A). Running Wireshark on my admin PC, I see TCP Spurious Retransmission errors; however, when running Wireshark on the Openfire Server, I do not see anything hitting my Openfire Server on port 5222. Running Netstat on my Openfire Server, I confirmed that it is listening for traffic on port 5222. Our Sonicwall is not blocking anything between subnets A & B. I can successfully connect via Telnet to the Openfire Server on port 5269, but it fails if I try to connect on port 5222. I can ping the Openfire server from my admin PC. I can also access the admin console via ports 9090 & 9091 and I can RDP to the Openfire Server.

domainname.local = my local Active Directory domain name.

XMPP Domain = servername.domainname.local

Server Host Name (FQDN) = servername.domainname.local

I created SRV records for xmpp-client and xmpp-server under my Active Directory domain name in DNS even though I’ve been told that because both the XMPP domain name and the FQDN are the same that I wouldn’t need to.

Anybody got any ideas? I’ve pretty much exhausted all ideas I have.


I answered my own question. Turns out that I changed the client port from 5222 to 52222 and was able to connect which is strange because the server that’s hosting Openfire is not already using port 5222.