Can't connect to server


todayihave installed my openfire server. But now ihave the problemthat i cannot connect to my server. I hve checke all necessary server settings and cannot find a mistake. The gateway Testconnections to icq,aim, etc are ok. In another Thread i have seen a picture with server settings and there is something differerent.

Can anyone help me with my problems? I do not know what can do to connect to my server.

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so you are saying that is your chat server’s name? This is normally a name for a web server. what is the address you use to acces the Openfire admin website?

the adress to the adminwebsite is

What ever your name for that server is in your DNS server is what it should be named in Openfire. If there is no valid DNS entry you will not be able to connect with a client.

sorry, but i do not know what i can try. I tried the IP, the vhost address und the domain name. Nothing works. The installation directoy is in my case /home/user/openfire. Do i have to create an own dns enty for openfire? Can you give me an example? What i am worried about is, that other programms like teamspeak, eggdrop, apache etc work without any problems.

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What it boils down to is you have not given your server a real name (i.e. Because it is named only as, which is usually used for web servers you need to be sure you have srv records set correctly in your DNS to allow traffic to arrive at the proper destination. without these entries in your dns the traffic will not resolve correctly. There are other threads in the community dealing with srv records. i do not have much first hand knowledge here as I use a FQDN for all servers.

I found the problem, the port 5222 is blocked, probably through another task. On port 622 it works fine. I’m really happy now that i do not have to set srv records.

Thank fou for your help.



But all the clients use 5222 by default. So you will have to instruct your users to change their port.

you are right, but nowi can test my openfire server. The other problem i will find too.