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Can''t connect to wildfire

Hi, I have a Pc with installed wildfire and another with installed spark. If I try to create an account, spark tell me “unable to connect to servername”. What can I do?

In wildfire admin console,under server settings I changed the server name in serverwild, but if I try to connect to this server spark tell me it doesn’'t exist.

Thank u and sorry for my english.

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This sounds like a dns problem. I need more information. type of network, O/S, ect.

to prove if this is a network issue, replace the server name with the IP address of the pc running the server.

also note that changing the name inside the admin console doesnt change the dns name, you still need to use the actual computer name to connect accross the network.

Senate Eskridge

I don’‘t use Dns, i use workgroup. I have installed the HSQLDB database. I also use dhcp. Now i have installe spark in the same machine where wildfire woks and i have changed the server name in the ip address of the machine but it doesn’'t still work.

Thank u for all

if you are not using DNS, then it will not be able to connect using a FQDN.

In Spark, the options and under account, you have specified the IP address of the wildfire server to hook up to?

So I have to re-install wildfire with mysql database. I have tryied adding the ip address in the spark options. Ciao

Can you ping the server computer from the client computer.

Are you behind a firewall?

What O/S are you using?

are you trying to Log in to an existing account or create a new one from spark?

Senate Eskridge

Yes I can ping, I have disbled the firewall.I use Windows Xp, I have tried to create an account from spark and also from wildfire.

Thank u for your support

I did do it! I have re-installed wildfire and now same works right. Thank u for all, u was really helpfull.