Can't download Spark tar.gz

I was trying to download spark_2_7_2.tar.gz but I falled in an infinite loop downloading it: it grows up to 150+ MB to infinite from a Debian system.

When I make the download process from an Windows 10 system I have no problems, the file download it`s fine.

I discover that the filname refered from download link is “spark_2_7_2.tar.gz” but, once downloadaded from Windows, the filename is “spark_2_7_2.tar.tar” double TAR extension.

Could be the infinite loop at downloading from linux system because to misseplaced name of file?

Thanks in advance!

Downloads fine with Firefox both on Windows and Ubuntu. But IE can Edge somehow change it to tar.tar (maybe they are suspicious about the double extension). What browser do you use on Debian? Maybe try Firefox.

I was using Chrome, but after a few failed downloads, I do it with an Edge browser at a Win10 PC. Thanks!