Can't estabilish connection with open fire server after enabling stream management on android client

Can’t estabilish connection with open fire server after enabling stream management on android client . Sasl authentication failed using mechanism plain . Is this because open fire do not support stream management at all ?

  • not getting ‘enabled’ response from server

which server can I depend to do an effective chat client like whatsapp ? Is that Ejabbred or can I achieve on open fire

Already enabled carbons , archiving , but stuck on sm

New to this stuff

All your help appreciated

much thanks

Please follow the instructions found at sue when asking for help. Thank you.

Hi Dear Flow

thank you for the response

Smack version using SmackConfiguration.getVersion() : 3.3.1

Here is the code written

// giving extensions

addSimplePacketExtension(“sm”, URN_SM_2);

addSimplePacketExtension(“r”, URN_SM_2);

addSimplePacketExtension(“a”, URN_SM_2);

addSimplePacketExtension(“enabled”, URN_SM_2);

addSimplePacketExtension(“resumed”, URN_SM_2);

addSimplePacketExtension(“failed”, URN_SM_2);

// calling method

private static void addSimplePacketExtension(final String name, final String namespace) {

ProviderManager.getInstance().addExtensionProvider(name, namespace,

new PacketExtensionProvider() {

public PacketExtension parseExtension(XmlPullParser parser) throws Exception {

StreamHandlingPacket packet = new StreamHandlingPacket(name, namespace);

int attributeCount = parser.getAttributeCount();

for (int i = 0; i < attributeCount; i++) {




return packet;




// making new stream packet and sending

Packet enablePacket=new Packet() {


public String toXML() {

// TODO Auto-generated method stub

return “”;





Client server exchange

03-30 10:01:08.158: D/SMACK(17753): 10:01:08 am SENT (1101939208):

03-30 10:01:08.158: D/SMACK(17753): 10:01:08 am SENT (1101939208): dGVzdAB0ZXN0AHBhc3M=

03-30 10:01:08.518: D/SMACK(17753): 10:01:08 am RCV (1101939208): </stream:stream>

03-30 10:01:38.158: E/XMPPChatDemoActivity(17753): Failed to log in as test

03-30 10:01:38.158: E/XMPPChatDemoActivity(17753): SASL authentication failed using mechanism PLAIN

Hope this is enough , let me know