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Can't get access to openfire using localhost:9090

I’m new to openfire. I’ve installed openfire and configured it. Now I want to open it again but I can’t get access via localhost:9090 anymore.

I’m busy with setting up a testbed which includes a chatserver (XMPP/jabber, Pidgen), a Vigo webserver. I use ubuntu as OS

Sarina Knappstein-Hamelink wrote:

I can’t get access

What exactly do you mean? Do you get login form but it doesn’t accept your password or you don’t get login for mat all? In the former case, maybe you are specifying wrong login name. It should be admin.

what is your system IP address.instead of localhost you can give your

system IP address and then 9090

Ex:- xxx.xx.xx.xx:9090.you can log in as admin

On Thu, Mar 28, 2013 at 3:16 PM, Sarina