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Can''t get many concurrent users!

Hey all,

I am wondering if someone can help me out with what must be a configuration issue. We are running Wildfire 3.2.2, and our server seems to choke and die (literally dissapear from the process list) once we get up to around 1100 or so concurrent users.

From what I’'ve read, Openfire is supposed to easily support more users than this (even without using connection managers). I have tried using a connection manager, but it does not seem to help the issue.

We are only using Multi-user chat rooms, and this is how all communication is being done. Does this present a problem? We have maybe 10 rooms with 100 users each. Is it possible that Openfire just cannot support this many users?

It seems odd to me that the server will function perfectly up until a point, and then just all of a sudden decide to completely die. Memory usage in the admin console is around 20-30%, and we are allocating 384M as the max heap size for the JVM.

One question I have is this: When using connection managers, is it preferable to have no real clients connecting to the server, or is it acceptable? So if you have 1 CM, should 50% of the users connect directly and 50% connect to the CM, or 100% to the CM?

I’'d appreciate any help, as I feel like I must be doing something very wrong to be getting such low performance.



do you see errors in the log files when it dies? The JVM should write an ascii dump file if it dies.

Are you running Openfire on Linux or Windows and which JVM version are you using?


We are running wildfire on Gentoo linux with the 1.5 JVM. It seems to die when the system is completely out of memory, but we are not getting anywhere near the possible advertised number of users (5k per connection manager). Before we started using connection managers, our server blew up at about 1000 concurrent users. I have heard of load tests with 70-80k concurrent users.

I feel this must be some sort of configuration issue. What is a good configuration to use for the connection managers? How much memory should we be allocating to them? How many connections to the server should they be making, and how many threads per connection?

I’‘m also wondering if our heavy use of multi-user-chat isn’'t causing issues. Should we be using smaller rooms, etc?

Thanks for any help,


Edit: Also, just noticed that the warn.log file is fairly spammed with:

2007.03.15 05:21:53 IQ stanza with invalid type was discarded: