Can''t get pass the "connection" event on

Hello everyone,

My problem is this :

When I use XIFF classes to connect to the IM server all the conversation stops after the “connect” event.

I have an outgoing event (requesting to open connection), I receive permission ( = true) but after that all “outgoing” packets don’'t receive any answer.

I have the same code connecting to a local wildfire server and it works much better. I get to the “login” event in a snap.

Here’'s how the code looks like :

connection = new XMPPConnection();

connection.username = user;

connection.password = pass;

connection.server = “”; // for local testing I put my IP here

connection.port = 5332;

globalHandler = new Object();

globalHandler.handleEvent = function(eventObj) {



connection.addEventListener(“message”, globalHandler);

connection.addEventListener(“login”, globalHandler);

connection.addEventListener(“connection”, globalHandler);

connection.addEventListener(“disconnection”, globalHandler);

connection.addEventListener(“presence”, globalHandler);

connection.addEventListener(“error”, globalHandler);

connection.addEventListener(“changePasswordSuccess”, globalHandler);

connection.addEventListener(“outgoingData”, globalHandler);

connection.addEventListener(“incomingData”, globalHandler);

connection.addEventListener(“registrationSuccess”, globalHandler);

connection.addEventListener(“registrationFields”, globalHandler);

connection.connect(“flash”); //this one returns true

The trace ouput for the 2entwire is :



The trace output for the local wildfire is :









Any ideas ?

Do you know any other wildfire server addresses I can try ?


try putting the swf file on and use the address to load the swf in html. will not work unless you have a “crossdomain” policy since you are connecting to not

to see how flash security works… go to google and type “crossdomain.xml”.

I don’'t have any kind of rights for 2entwire server.

I doubt there’'s a crossdomain policy issue though, since I do manage to get connected on that server.

After that the server basically ignores me.

Also, I’'m not testing it through the browser, rather from the macromedia IDE which is a trusted envrionment.

Some other IM clients such as Gush or Spark have no problems.

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I don’‘t know what server Wes and Dudley are running over at 2entwine, but as you may know, not all servers support Flash’'s XMLSocket. Wildfire has been designed to support it, but they may be using jabberd2 or something else.