Can't get sender and message from notification


I installed two plugins, Push Notification and Push Server. The plugins work normally, and I can get notification from FCM on Android.

The problems are the message’s sender is null and data map size is 0.

I have set the value of properties "pushnotifications.summary.include-last-sender " and “pushnotifications.summary.include-last-message-body” to “true”, and also restart the plugins and openfire, but that is not working, and there is no error in logs.

So I read the source code, and I have a question that the map “notificationData” is not adding to message in FCMPushService.push. could this cause the problem?

Or am I just missing something else? If so, please let me know how to fix this or what information should I provide.

Thank you.

Paging @hamzaozturk