Can''t get through Cisco 1711 Router

Hi There,

I have succesfully installed Wildfire 2.6.2 and have no issues at all connecting with Spark client on the LAN side. Externally is another story. I have configured 2 NAT entries in the firewall directing Port 5222 & 5223 traffic on our external IP to the Wildfire server’‘s internal address but I still can’'t get through from outside.

I have succesfully created other NAT entries for 80 & 443 traffic without any issues. My hunch is that this is a traffic inspection issue whereby my router is rejecting the return traffic. If I connect on the LAN side and then run “netstat -an” on the Wildfire server I see myself connected on a random port number other than 5222/5223.

Has anyone ever encountered this kind of an issue and successfully implement RCAL or CBAC to allow the return traffic?

If you need any more info, let me know,